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A thorough appraisal for a sharp rate

Do you need a valuation of a property? This we can provide fast and at a competitive price.

Our NVM valuation reports are accepted by all banks, government agencies, tax authorities and courts and to be used:

  • If you need a mortgage when purchasing a home.
  • If you need a mortgage to finance a renovation of your present home.
  • If you want to change mortgage banks.
  • If you want to know the fair value of a property for the purpose of a sale or a purchase decision.
  • A valuation in connection with death or divorce.
  • In case of disputes with the instructions of the Court.

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    What we do

    An independent surveyor who is registered as a Chartered Surveyor with the NVM and NWWI will carry out the valuation. This is important because mortgage banks, official bodies and other stakeholders make it a condition. In the valuation, the market value and any other required values are included. In determining the value of the property, particular attention is given to of the type of property, the size, the location, and the structural and internal quality.

    How does it work?

    You fill in the valuation instruction form down below. By email, you will receive the confirmation of the valuation order. Within 2 working days after submitting the order, we will contact you if it is your own house or apartment concerned. If you are purchasing a house or apartment, we will directly contact the selling party (Estate agent or owner) to make an appointment. In that case, we will send you an email with the confirmation of the order and stating the date of the valuation.

    Then we will value the house or the apartment. Within five working days of the valuation of the house or apartment, you will receive the complete valuation report digitally from us. If you wish this could be speeded up. Upon receipt, you can send the valuation report to the mortgage bank. We will also send you the paper version of the report by post.
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