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professional services whilst selling your home

Do you want to sell your property?

Maybe Is it your first home that you want to sell? Or do you want to start living together or perhaps no longer? Maybe you want to move to a larger or smaller home. Perhaps you want to move because of family, friends, or work. Whatever the reason is to sell your house, for you it is more than just the trading of stones and a roof.

We are here to guide you through this sale. Kraaijkamp estate agents know what this housingmarket needs. A modern and enterprising estate agent, who thinks along with you and has adapted his services to the present time. Together we can present the property in the best way possible, price and presentation wise.


Your estate agent

We are happy to arrange everything for you but you can also choose to take care of some things yourself: As much Real Estate Agent services as you want . Whatever choice you make, you are always assured of our expert guidance and services. Through our extensive network and strong advertisements only a NVM estate agency can offer, we select promising candidates to whom we talk with enthusiasm about your property. When it comes to a negotiation, we negotiate (in consultation with you) for the highest possible price and the best terms. Once the property has been sold, we ensure the proper handling of the deeds. Therefore, we provide the service for the entire selling process and we would like to stay your estate agent, even after the transfer of ownership at the notary office.

You and us

Your contact is always with the same and our flexible, customer-focused approach is not tied to fixed hours. We will keep you well informed of the developments about your property. Of course, we have several advertising packages that support the sale and you determine when you want to use them.


The way we are rewarded for our efforts is particularly special because our fee is determined partly by you, based on your satisfaction with our services.

We would like to meet you and to tell you more about what we do differently compared to most of our colleagues.

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