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Purchase services whilst buying your new home

Looking for a new home?

Maybe it’s your first home you are buying, you may start living together or perhaps no longer. Maybe you want to move to a larger or smaller home. Perhaps you want to live nearer family, friends or work. Whatever the reason is, buying a home is exciting.

We are here to help you with this purchase. Together we will find your new home that suits you perfectly .

Given our long experience in the Utrecht region, we have a good picture of the housing stock in the different neighbourhoods and we can give sound advice on where your ideal house could be for sale and what are the pros and cons of the different types of homes. We have different kinds of services of which there is always one that suits you best. As much real estate agent services as you want.

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What we do

With a purchase services instruction after a first (free of charge) meeting, you will be daily informed of all the new offers of all the agents in your desired price range and neighbourhoods. During viewings of the selected houses or apartments, we will examine the structural condition, explain any plans for the area, look at any legal issues and of course value the house or apartment. If you want to make an offer for the property, we will negotiate (in consultation with you) for the best possible price and terms. If you then purchase the home, we will take care of the handling of the right deeds and advise you in getting an appropriate financing and /or insurance. Therefore, we provide the service for the entire purchase process and we would like to stay your estate agent, even after the transfer of ownership at the notary office.

As much real estate agent services as you want.

A good estate agent will end up saving you money simply by negotiating a better deal for you. With an estate agent at your side you will also avoid unpleasant surprises you normally might encounter.

If you think you can handle certain parts of the purchase yourself, a purchase contract based on an hourly rate can be ideal for you: As much real estate agent services as you want.

If you have a specific property in mind, then we can come to good arrangements about this.

We would like to meet you and to tell you more.

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