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purchase assistance on a hourly rate

A good estate agent will end up saving you money simply by negotiating a better deal for you. With an estate agent at your side you will also avoid unpleasant surprises you normally might encounter.

Because you think, you can handle certain parts of the purchase yourself, a purchase contract based on an hourly rate should be ideal for you.How does it work?

What we do

After a first (free of charge) meeting, you decide yourself whether we as a purchasing agent are a benefit for you. If you choose us, we will make sure you stay informed of the all the houses and apartments that are for sale at all the estate agents in your desired price range and neighbourhoods.

When you see a nice house or apartment that seems worth looking at, you can decide whether for a first viewing appointment, we join you or not. If it seems perfect, then we will look at the property together. During the viewing of the property, we will examine the structural condition, explain any plans for the area, look at any legal issues and of course value the house or apartment. If you want to make an offer for the property, we will negotiate (in consultation with you) for the best possible price and terms. If you then purchase the home, we will take care of the handling of the right deeds and advise you in getting an appropriate financing and /or insurance. Therefore, we provide the service for the entire purchase process and we would like to stay your estate agent, even after the transfer of ownership at the notary office.


To keep everything simple, we have put the services we provide into blocks and for each block you pay € 60, - . The following table provides an list of our services and the corresponding Blocks. Any other (unexpected) work we do for you is confirmed to you beforehand and approved by you so that you are never confronted with unexpected estate agent fees.


Because quality service is paramount at Kraaijkamp Makelaars, the purchase services instruction consists of at least the following:
• 1 visit of the house that you make an offer for, so you will be well informed of all the relevant things about the property.
• Conducting of the negotiation (in consultation with you), because we usually succeed in getting the best price and terms.
• Supervision of the purchase agreement because we want to be sure that what you sign for is the best for you. We will also monitor the dissolving conditions because this is a critical part of the purchase.

The number of blocks our services consists of is at least 11, and therefore the minimum rate will be
€ 660, - excluding VAT. If a structural survey, as a dissolving condition is included in the agreement, we will attend this survey. This is important because all the relevant information about defects must be known to us so we can advise you if you should go through with the purchase or not. The number of blocks our services consist of then will be a minimum of 15 and the minimum fee is € 900, - excluding VAT. Additionally, you can decide yourself which services of us you need: As much Real Estate Agent services as you want.

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