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Reviews and feedback from our customers

Our work philosophy is best illustrated by the reaction of satisfied customers


"Dave several times has proteced us aigainst a bad puchase, he has always been very patient and has really helped us!"


"Dave Kraaijkamp has knowledge of the market, certainly does not go for personal gain, is always easily available and agreements are complied with. He gave us excellent advice several times to avoid a bad purchase. I can highly recommend him, for sale and purchase. "


"No-nonsense and competent. That is the short version.

Dave Kraaijkamp is a good estate agent who knows his trade. He communicates clearly and on time, knows how the market is developing, understands buyers and sellers.

From the first meeting this was clear. He was open and honest about the condition of the house and came up with a realistic estimate of the market value. His estimate was slightly lower than the highest valuation, but it was based on facts, a reason for us to choose him as our estate agent.

The interests and wishes of the selling party come first. This he respects even if he has a different opinion. He understands that as a selling party, you may need some time to come to grips with the situation and he allows you time to adjust your wishes. The costs are clear. He has no hidden extra costs that other estate agents do have, such as photography costs, the cost of drawing a plan, etc. "


"This estate agent starts with a good understanding of the value in the current market. He advised me on the asking price and left the choice to me what the asking price was going to be. I believed in the arguments and the market knowledge of this agent, so I accepted his services. We have also agreed in advance a fixed, reasonable price for his services. By no means the most expensive!

That proved to be true; the apartment was sold fairly quickly. Moreover, he has continually expressed confidence that the price was good and there was no reason to lower the price, when I began to think to do so. When the sale was agreed, the final price was a bit lower, but yeah, that seems to be normal ... especially in these times. In the discussions between the buyer and me, he also played a pleasant role. Suddenly there were several candidates, and I think he has chosen the best one for me. So, definitely to be recommended, this estate agent!"

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